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Sea angling boat charter at Scrabster

Scrabster is famous for its tremendous sea angling off the Caithness and Orkney coastline. A number of charter boats are available from Scrabster and the above boat is owned by Chris Bennet who can be contacted on 07989 473204 (mobile).


Scrabster Sea Angling

Living in Caithness has a number of advantages and one is definitely the wide range of fishing available in Caithness and off the coast of Scrabster and Orkney. The sea angling from a charter boat has a number of distinct advantages, the most important being that the skipper can take you various locations where the fish are known to be, and if they are not biting you simply move somewhere else. Fishing off a boat probably is easier especially with the new marina complex at Scrabster (and also at Wick harbour).

The range of species to be caught off the Caithness coast is good with good sized cod, ling, pollock, flat fish, mackerel and other species readily available.

Contact Chris on 07989 473204 for the boat Eun Na Mara which is one of the best sea fishing charter boats in Scotland and operates as far west as the Outer Hebrides (for Tuna fishing) and also off Orkney.

During the summer the Harpers fishing tackle shop in Thurso take bookings for evening sea fishing trips - contact Harpers on 01847 893179.

Boat charter at Scrabster


Fish caught off Scrabster

Fish - A good sized Ling caught off the Stormdrift II fishing from Scrabster in 2010


A nice sized cod caught off Scrabster

Coastline and Sunsets

Cliffs off Scrabster for sea angling in Scotland

Enjoying the scenery is part of sea fishing especially when you are surrounded by dramatic coastal landscapes that are found around the Caithness coastline.

Drammatic coastline around Caithness near Scrabster

Dramatic coastline off Scrabster, Caithness.


A beautiful sunset finish off a days fishing off the Caithness coast


Sun going down after a days fishing

Sunset after a days fishing

Sunset with birds following the boat on the way back to Scrabster harbour.

Dogfish caught off Scrabster

Dogfish caught off Scrabster. Dogfish, a member of the shark family, are always returned when caught on boat charter trips. Picture taken in June 2010 off the converted herring fishing boat the Stormdrift II.

Hebridean Warrior

Hebridean Warrior

Early morning on board the Hebridean Warrior on trip out to fishing mark.


Pollock caught off Scrabster in 2010. Sadly Stormdrift II is no longer as the boat, like many other old wooden herring boats cost too much to maintain. The boat was broken up and my favourite skipper, Davie, gave up the boat charter business.