Hebridean Warrior Winter Sea Fishing from Scrabster

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Hebridean Warrior

The Hebridean Warrior fishing from Scrabster in February 2013 in calm weather!

Sea Fishing Boat Charter

Scrabster has great sea angling off the Caithness and Orkney coastline and has excellent winter fishing for cod.

While you can get strong tides, high waves and strong wind at anytime of the year off the far north of Scotland, in winter it can be wild. In winter you can have many days, even weeks of relatively calm weather or it can blow up a storm in a very short time. Winter fishing from Scrabster is fun, but not usually for the fainthearted!

Scrabster Sea Angling boat - Hebridean Warrior

Hebridean Warrior

Winter (and really for most of the year) you need to have proper waterproof clothing for sea angling, ideally a flotation suit. A suitable flotation suit keeps you warm and dry even during the worse weather and if you have a two piece suit you can always take of the jacket if it unexpectedly gets too warm!

Winter fishing off Scrabster

Winter Sea Fishing

Winter sea angling out of Scrabster

Charter Fishing Boat Eun Na Mara, fishing from Scrabster to Orkney

Fishing Boat Charter for Scrabster and Orkney

Chris Bennett's boat Eun Na Mara