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Abis Dusavik at Scrabster delivering Tamini Transformers

Abis Dusavik at Scrabster delivering Tamini Transformers

Mærsk Lifter

Mærsk Lifter

The Mærsk Lifter was berthed at Scrabster harbour this morning, November 12th, 2015. This ship was built in 2009 and has 23,500 horse power engine. If you are interested in ships then have a look at the website of the Maersk Group where some of their ships are shown with virtual tours -

Scrabster harbour pictures

Picture taken in lovely sunshine on November 3rd (2015) - see more pictures of Scrabster taken on this day.

Cod caught on October 25th 2015 by member of South Queensferry Angling Club

The fishing trip on the Eun Na Mara on the 25th October was on the day the clocks changed, so the sea trip started in light with lovely sunshine and ended with the dusk as we came back into Scrabster harbour. I was out with a group of anglers from the South Queensferry Angling Club who came ready for any eventuality. One of the club members fishing next to me caught this nice sized cod.

South Queensferry Angling Club members on board the Eun Na Mara Charter Boat

The days fishing was enjoyable, but for my part not very productive in terms of fish caught due to the strong tides and previous bad weather which had moved the fish from some of the best fishing points (well that's my excuse!). I did still go home with a number of good sized cod and in the last 10 minutes of the trip caught a number of mackerel which I love to cook on the barbecue and to smoke. The smoked mackerel is then made into a pate, kept in the fridge and then eaten on toast over a few days.

Scrabster Harbour Marina

Scrabster at dusk after arriving back from a days sea angling.

Hot smoked fish

The day after catching the fish some are put in the freezer while the rest, including haddock, mackerel and ling were hot smoked for use in pies, fish paella, and as pate.

Scotland sea fishing from Scrabster - 17 Ibs Ling

Picture of a Ling caught on fishing trip (October 17th 2015), the fish weighed around 17-18 Ibs and caught by Philip from Elgin. Pictures shows Chris (the skipper) and Philip the trip organiser on the charter boat Eun Na Mara, out from from Scrabster harbour. More pictures from the sea fishing trip.

Nomadic Boulders

The new sculpture at John O'Groats names "Nomadic Boulders"

Geese flying over Scrabster

Scrabster is a regular haunt as I usually take my two collies on the beach for a walk and also go out sea fishing from Scrabster harbour I noticed several flocks of geese flying over the harbour on the 13th October. I always love watching these birds in flight.

Scotland blog

Pictures and things ... about the far north of Scotland and especially Scrabster and Caithness.

Crabs, crabs being landed at Scrabster harbour

Crabs being landed at Scrabster harbour

One of my favourite treats is buying fresh crab claws from the local fish merchant at Thurso, and of course they are bought locally from crabs being landed at Scrabster harbour.