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Scrabster Tourism Information

Scrabster lies one and half miles west from the Caithness town of Thurso and is known for its ferry connection to Orkney (Scrabster to Stromness Ferry). Scrabster has a hotel, restaurants and cafe's within the port and close by in Thurso you have more holiday accommodation including, hotels, bed and breakfast and a caravan and camping site which overlooks the Pentland Firth.

Most people who visit Scrabster see it for up to an hour - that is waiting to board the Orkney Ferry, during this hour they may stroll around the harbour and have a look at the boats in the marina as well as observing the fishing boats and ships that can be seen in the harbour. Like most busy harbour's Scrabster always has something to see, from large cruise ships dropping off visitors to see John O' Groats and the Castle of Mey, to fishing boats, large and small that are part of the fishing industry.

If you look around the harbour you will also see wildlife such as harbour seals and birds. And if you take the Ferry to Orkney or go out on one of the fishing charter boats you could also see dolphins and the occasional shark or whale.
Scrabster does have a nice sandy beach which I have to admit it used mostly by local dog walkers, the sailing club also used the beach to launch its sailing dinghies, and the beach also has local quad bike enthusiasts using it occasionally.

Scrabster also has places to eat out with the Upper Deck known for its steaks, the adjoining Ferry Inn for lunches and the pub for a relaxed atmosphere and amazing hamburgers.

The nearby town of Thurso has a lovely beach, a small harbour at the mouth of the River Thurso, a ruined castle overlooking Thurso Bay and more visitor attractions within the town. The riverside walk and park has a pond with adjacent children's playground, the walk takes you along the River Thurso which is one of Scotland's best salmon fishing rivers.

Scrabster is also within a short drive from the mainland of Scotland most norherly point - Dunnet Head, a short scenic drive off the main road (A836). Further east is the the Castle of Mey and John O' Groats with views over Orkney, there is also outstanding scenery at Duncansby Head if you take time to walk along the coastline for 10 minutes or so to see the Stacks of Duncansby.

Scrabster and Caithness in Pictures

Thurso Lifeboat Station at Scrabster

Scrabster, Caithness and Orkney in Pictures

Scotland - Scrabter harbour Subsea Viking Ship Bird drying its wings at Scrabster harbour


Scrabster Charter Boat Fishing

Fishing Boat Charter for Scrabster and Orkney

Chris Bennett's boat Eun Na Mara

Scrabster beach