Scrabster Harbour

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P&O Cruise Ship Adonia

The P&O Cruise Ship Adonia at Scrabster harbour on August 15th 2015

Scrabster Harbour & Marina

Scrabster is a harbour, ferry and fishing port in the far north of Scotland, 1.5 miles from Thurso. The harbour was built in 1841 to provide a deep water anchorage for boats and ships with the harbour providing a link to the islands of Orkney, Shetlands and the Faroes as well as further afield.

The harbour has been developed over the years and the most recent expansion of harbour facilities involved the construction of the Jubilee Quay with a £17.6 million investment that was completed in 2013. In addition to the commercial Jubilee Quay it also added a modern marina facility for use by the local community as well as visiting boats and yachts.

This page shows a snapshot of the developments involving constructing the new Jubilee Quay and marina complex.

Scrabster before Jubilee Quay development

Scrabster harbour before Jubilee Quay development

Picture showing Scrabster harbour before the Jubilee Quay harbour development

Jubilee Quay

Picture showing Scrabster harbour with the Jubilee Quay completed and marina in operation

Scrabster Jubilee Quay Construction Pictures

Scrabster harbour Jubilee Quay construction

The following pictures show some of the construction for the Scrabster Jubilee Quay over several months. As I live over 14 miles from Scrabster and tend to visit the harbour for walking the dogs I do not have a daily or even a weekly record of the construction work. The photographs will I hope show you the work involved in creating the new Quay at Scrabster and the type of engineering work involved in creating this modern harbour area.

Jubilee Quay construction

Heavy machinery being used in the construction of the Jubilee Quay

Part of the original harbour was removed

Areas of the original Scrabster harbour was demolished to develop the new marina area.

Shuttering used in the quay construction

Large steel shuttering was hammered into the harbour area in the construction of the new quay.

Heavy machinery in use for the construction of Scrabster harbour - Jubilee Quay

Dredger operating at Scrabster Harbour

Dredger operating at Scrabster

During the construction of the Jubilee Quay a large dredger was used to deepen the harbour areas to allow for larger ships to enter the inner harbour. Watch the video of the dredger in operation.

Dredger operating at Scrabster

Dredger operating at Scrabster

Quay Wall Construction

Harbour wall construction

The metal walls being hammered in to create the Quay wall

Quay wall being constructed

Jubilee Quay under construction

Quay Wall being built

The harbour was still operational while the Jubilee Quay was being constructed.

Construction work at Scrabster harbour

Scrabster Marina

Scrabster harbour and marina

The Scrabster harbour marina

Crane lifting boat into harbour

Boat being lifted by crane into Scrabster harbour & marina

Scrabster Harbour

In 2008 Scrabster Harbour Trust started a port infrastructure development with the redevelopment of the Old Fishmarket Pier to create the new Jubilee Quay which was completed in June 2013. The harbour plays an important role in supporting the Oil and Gas offshore industries as well as renewables including offshore wind farms and the new technologies being developed to harness tidal energy in the Pentland Firth.

The port supports the local fishing industries with a fish off loading facility and market as well as berthing for local fishing boats.

The marina is open to visiting leisure boats as well as for local boats and yachts. The new pontoon layout makes it safe and easy to board boats throughout the day irrespective of tides.

Scrabster Harbour development

Picture of the Scrabster harbour development work in 2011

Sea fishing boat charter at Scrabster

The new marina has enabled the continued development of the leisure industry use of the harbour including boat charter for sea angling.