Lifting a boat into the Scrabster harbour marina using a crane

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Boat being prepared to be lifted into Scrabster marina

Wooden boat being prepared to be lifted with a crane into the marina

Scrabster Harbour & Marina

Scrabster harbour marina has become very popular and during the summer months is busy with leisure boats, along with smaller commercial boats used for lobster and crab fishing. During the winter months many of the boats are lifted out of the harbour to be stored and maintained when it is often too stormy for smaller craft out in the Pentland Firth. The use of a large commercial crane is used to do this for many of the larger boats, while smaller boats can often be taken up the slipway.

On this page are pictures of a boat being lifted into the marina taken while waiting to board one of the fishing charter boats.

Boat being lifted in the marina at Scrabster Harbour

Wooden boat being lifted into marina at Scrabster - Scotland

Boat being lifted carefully by the Simpson crane operator from the lorry it was delivered by.

Crane lifting boat from car park at Scrabster marina

Crane lifting boat over harbour wall into harbour

Crane lifting boat over harbour wall into harbour

Boat successfully lifted into marina