Sea Fishing Trip in the far north of Scotland

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Fishing trip on the charter boat Eun Na Mara on October 17th, from Scrabster

On this trip not only did we catch a fair number of fish we were lucky enough to spot young basking sharks off Dunnet Head. I enjoyed the trip a lot as I was catching fish and the sea was calm, what else does one need to make for a great day out sea fishing ... the company was excellent with Philip, Terry and Bryan out fishing everyone (as usual).

Fishing trip off Scrabster in October 2015

Philip weighing his 17 Ib Ling on the boat Eun Na Mara

Sea fishing - Ling caught off Dunnet Head

This Ling was the largest fish caught on the day, with cod of 8-10 Ibs also being caught.

Nice sized cod caught off Scrabster near Dunnet Head

A nice sized cod caught off Dunnet Head on October 17th (2015)

Cod caught by the webmaster

Some of the fish caught by myself on the trip, I went home with enough fish to keep me busy filleting fish for over 1hr and filled the freezer with cod and haddock. I have started to smoke fish using the barbecue with creates really tasty fish for use in soups and fish pies.


Ling caught on the trip always put on a good fight and as I discovered also taste great when smoked.

Filleting fish

The more professional anglers had most of their fish nicely filleted by the end the fishing trip, leaving the heads for use in crab creels. I on the other hand cleaned the fish on the boat and then did the filleting at home in the kitchen, using the heads & skeletons to make fish stock.

Fish and chips

The end product of my days fishing on the Eun Na Mara - a delicious fillet of cod, coated with egg from our own free range chickens, breaded, then fried in Borderfields cold pressed Scottish rapeseed oil.

Fried cod fillet

Sea angling boat charter at Scrabster

Chris Bennet has the fantastic charter boat Eun Na Mara along the boat Hebridean Warrior. Chris can be contacted on 07989 473204 (mobile).

Dunnet Head Lighthouse seen from charter boat

Dunnet Head Lighthouse seen from charter boat

Dunnet Head Lighthouse

Dunnet Head Lighthouse seen from the boat.

Dunnet Head